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Kish Marine Club Owners Association

Sea tour around the Kish island

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Sea tour around the Kish island

Have you ever experienced a luxury cruise? One of the exciting entertainments of Kish is Kish sea Sea tour around the Kish islandpatrol. Kish sea patrol is one of the most unique entertainments of Kish. Sightseeing in the clear waters of the Kish Sea and seeing beautiful sea creatures is a recreation that is not available in any other place in Iran of this quality

The sunny weather of Kish on most days of the year has created conditions for a variety of marine recreation to be available on this beautiful island. Fortunately, renting a boat on the shores of this beautiful island will offer you many options, so with any mood and taste, a type of boat will definitely attract your attention. Marine recreation is always attractive. What better way to have a Kish VIP patrol

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