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Kish Marine Club Owners Association

Kish Marine Shuttle

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Kish Marine Shuttle

A shuttle is a large air tube that one or more people can ride on and be dragged into the water. The shuttles are attached to fast boats and dive into the water. This air tube shakes a lot and has a lot of excitement and fun. Those who want to raise the adrenaline in the blood are always on the fixed foot of the shuttle because it is not clear how fast they move when they board the shuttle; They may even fall into the water as the boat goes around. However, there is no need to worry; All safety issues are observed. These crashes are planned and are an important part of the thrill of Kish shuttle riding. The captain of the speedboat deliberately throws people into the water while going around

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All you have to do is get a ticket for the shuttle ride and wear a life jacket and helmet. You can then decide for yourself whether you are expecting a quiet shuttle ride or whether you want to suddenly dive into the Coral Sea. If you have strong muscles and endurance, they can not easily throw you into the water, and this is where the Kish shuttle ride becomes an exciting challenge. The good news is that men and women can do this fun together

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