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Kish Marine Parasail

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Kish Marine Parasail

Kish is a very beautiful island in the heart of the Persian Gulf, which has become a tourist area due to its stunning beauty and special features. Numerous tourist attractions, including recreational, historical and cultural areas on the island have attracted the attention of tourists. This fox island is ready to receive many tourists all year round. In the meantime, some travelers prefer to rest in the corners of the island and in places that are more relaxed, and bring peace to their body and soul. Many people, mostly young people, also enjoy the island’s exciting pastimes

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In Kish recreation areas, very attractive and new water sports and recreations have been provided for tourists of different age groups. Some of these pastimes have more excitement and even more fear than other recreational accessories. Parachute Kish is one of the most exciting and scary and naturally one of the most popular. Most parasell fans are young people who want excitement

If you travel to Kish and visit any recreation center, you will definitely be offered Kish Paracel. The attractiveness of this recreational device is so high that if you travel to Kish, you will see that in all recreation centers and complexes, parasol is more popular. Even some tourists travel to Kish many times to use Paracel. Therefore, it can be said with confidence that Paracel has a colorful role in attracting tourists and even the prosperity of the island’s economy

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Paracel is actually a water sport and recreation that you can use to experience different sensations of excitement, fear, astonishment and peace at the same time. This device is in the form of a very large umbrella that is placed over the waters of the Persian Gulf and people climb with an umbrella wearing a life jacket and wearing a few seat belts. This umbrella is connected to a fast boat by a rope a few hundred meters away. When the captain moves the boat and accelerates, the wind wraps around the umbrella and causes it to rise. Parachute Kish can rise up to 500 meters above sea level. The altitude depends on factors such as the number and weight of people on board, wind speed and speed, boat speed, type and rate of parallel tickets, and weather conditions

You may have a lot of fear when it peaks, which is accompanied by excitement, but when you stand in the sky and watch the azure waters of the Persian Gulf and its boundless beauty under your feet, all your fear suddenly subsides and that is where You will be amazed by all that greatness and beauty. Captain Carbald Paracel Kish also makes you dance with the umbrella in the sky by twisting the rope attached to the umbrella, and this is very exciting and beautiful. It can even throw you into the water on your own when you go down to normalize your blood adrenaline after touching a dreamy and very exciting sensation with body water in sea water

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