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Kish Marine Diving

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Kish Marine Diving

Diving in the water with the help of breathing apparatus and diving suits is called. In addition to research and military applications, diving is also used for sports and entertainment and is one of the most popular sports. Sport or recreational diving is a large and well-known part of the diving industry and one of its branches. Today, diving has become a popular sport and has become a useful, fun, enjoyable activity and source of income in the ecotourism industry in many countries of the world

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First of all, we need to know how to travel underwater and experience the wonderful world of the depths of the Persian Gulf. Before starting diving, it is necessary to be guided about what you need to do, and for this reason, training is one of the requirements of diving. If you want to experience the underwater world, the instructors of Ms. or Mr. Diver will teach you the necessary tips and will come with you to various and beautiful diving sites in Kish. Diving can be desirable in all seasons of the year. So every time you visit this beautiful island, you will taste the diving in the azure waters of the Persian Gulf and the coral marine life

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There are two diving sites on Kish Island called Zubich and Bikural that all clubs on the east side of the island use Bikoral. This site has a depth of 4 to 6 meters due to the tide. Bicoral site is really unique and beautiful in terms of beauty and is also the best place for tourists to dive. One of the most special areas of the Persian Gulf in terms of natural environment is Kish Island

Kish coral reefs are one of the most beautiful and best areas that provide the most suitable place for diving and water recreation sites in Kish. Kish coral reefs are located on its eastern shores and encourage diving enthusiasts to see the underwater world and it is possible all year round and the shallow sites of this island are very suitable for diving for all people and even beginners. Also, the existence of diving educational and recreational centers in Kish has turned this island into a diving center of the country

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