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Flyboard Kish Marine Sport

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Flyboard Kish Marine Sport

Flyboard is one of the best and most marine recreations of Kish Island. It is one of the most beautiful

islands of Kish. The question of some travelers and tourists of Kish is what is a flyboard and how does a flyboard work? A fly board is a device that, when connected to a jet, keeps the Eskma floating in the air or floating, allowing you to maneuver and perform dramatic movements and dives by pumping and pressing water to sea level. Flyboarding is one of the most exciting and new sports that requires immediate reaction and decision making so that you can achieve your balance when flying on the surface of the water

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We humans are always looking for new ways to spend our leisure time. Flyboarding was first introduced to the Iranian market in the spring of 2012. But flyboard in Iran has been considered since 1392 and was named as one of the most exciting water sports in Kish. In addition to the beautiful island of Kish, a flyboard will be held in the north and a flyboard in Tehran. However, it should be said that the experience of flyboard excitement in the deep waters of the Persian Gulf and in Marina Kish Club; It has grace and pleasure that is unique and indescribable

This exciting pastime can bring you pure moments. The flyboard is actually connected to the jet ski engine via a long tube. When the jet ski is turned on, a force is sent from inside this pipe to the flyboard. With this force, the board attached to your legs moves. But it is you who must control it and steer it in whatever direction you like. Performing dramatic movements with the help of a flyboard may seem difficult at first because the force comes to you from your feet. But with a few minutes of practice, you can have a lot of fun and fly well.

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