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Banana Kish Marine Sport

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Banana Kish Marine Sport

If you have been following the entertainment of Kish, you must have heard the name of this sport many times and got acquainted with Banana as it is; This exciting exercise is performed with the help of an inflatable tube and a fast motor boat. This is how you ride on a tube attached to a speedboat. As the boat moves, this tube also moves slowly on the water

As the boat speeds up, the tube moves faster and you are pulled on the water at a strange speed. The fast movement of the boat causes the Banana to shake violently, and this is what has made Banana an exciting and popular sport. This can also be interesting

Considering that Banana riding in Kish is one of the most attractive and popular pastimes in Kish; Maybe you, too, are eager to know; What is Banana and experience Banana riding in Kish; Banana is a ride in Kish, or the tube ride on the sea water, which is a yellow tube and a banana that you can increase the excitement of your trip to Kish by doing this fascinating fun and have a memory with your friends. Leave the hearty, as a souvenir

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Shuttle is a recreational ride that can be done both individually and in groups. Due to the popularity of this sport, these tubes are now available in single, triple, five and seven in Kish. So; The minimum number of people for the shuttle ride is 1 person and the maximum number of people is 7 people. You can also be 3 to 7 people for banana riding. Of course, the higher the number of people, the less excitement the game will have, and on the contrary, the excitement of the game will peak with the decrease of people

Of course, if you want to experience this pleasure with others, the choice is yours. you can; As a group or individually, by doing a banana ride in Kish, you can freshen up the atmosphere and receive pure energy. You can also; Book your Kish Riding Ticket online in advance and surprise your loved ones by attending the trip as a gift, and easily experience the Kish Riding Banana with your loved ones

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