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Kish Marine Club Owners Association

Announcement of the closure of Kish Marine Clubs

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Announcement of the closure of Kish Marine Clubs

Dear members of the Kish Marine Club community
Greetings and respect

Respectfully informs, the months of negotiations, consultations, correspondence and attending numerous meetings with the current and current managers and officials of the Kish Free Zone Organization, the Petroleum Products Distribution and Refining Company and other officials have been fruitless and fruitless so far. Numerous problems persist in obtaining the fuel quota required to provide services in the offshore clubs of Kish Island as before. Unfortunately, this issue has practically stopped providing any services in Kish Marine Recreation Clubs once again during these few days. Therefore, from Tuesday, May 26, 1401, until the correct and rooted solution of this problem, the activity of all marine clubs on Kish Island will stop and the clubs will inevitably be closed.

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