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Markaz Ghavasi (Diving Center) Kish Marine Club


Markaz Ghavasi (Diving Center) Kish Marine Club

Kish Diving Center officially started its activities in the field of diving and marine recreational services in Markaz Ghavasi (Diving Center) Kish Marine Club1370 under the name of Kish Deep Diving Club. Amir Shomali Moghadam and Qasem Nargesi, who were the founders of this center, are still in charge of its management. Over the years, in addition to valuable experiences and diving knowledge, the center’s equipment has become more modern and up-to-date. Many divers today remember their first diving experiences in this center. Undoubtedly, the contribution of this center in the emergence and development of diving in Iran is significant. Today, we are proud to say that with the martyrdom of friends and colleagues, we are still the most equipped diving center in all of Iran, and we are trying to enhance this growth again

It is easy to go on a diving tour with Kish Diving Center. You can register for diving tours only by entering the registration section for diving tours or by calling. Telephone registration: To register for tours by phone, call 09128543246. Whatever you do in the diving tour We have prepared it for you, you will need it yourself

one of the active marine clubs on Kish Island is Markaz Ghavasi Marine Club

Markaz Ghavasi Kish Marine Club Services
Markaz Ghavasi Marine Club provides facilities and equipment suitable for the well-being of travelers and tourists and the enjoyment of exciting water entertainment, which includes parasols, shuttles, bananas, etc


Manager : Mr. Nargesi – Mr.Shomali Moghaddam

Cellphone : +989128543246

Reception : +989347693246

Address : Sahel Sq., Near of Shayan Hotel

Website :


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